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Carson City Symphony was founded in 1984 as the Carson City Chamber Orchestra and gave its first concert in October that year. It is a community orchestra open to amateur and volunteer professional musicians. Members come from all walks of life and have ranged from elementary school students to senior citizens. The Symphony performs five or more concerts each year for audiences in Carson City. It also has performed in Minden, Gardnerville, Fallon, South Lake Tahoe, and Virginia City. We play many works by contemporary composers and have commissioned and premiered several pieces.

One Hundred Percent Giving Board Award for 2016 from Community Foundation of Western Nevada

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The Carson City Symphony Assoc. is a member of the Carson City Downtown Business Assoc.

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Carson City Symphony Association - Videos

Picture of Carson Chamber Singers in concert Nov. 11, 2019.

Carson City Symphony Association presents Project Euterpe
Updated: Jan. 16, 2021

Painting of Euterpe, Muse of Music and Lyric Poetry, by Simon Vouet

The Carson City Symphony and its associated ensembles have been entertaining people in the Carson City area for 36 seasons. Because they can't currently perform live, in person, they are producing a series of once-or-twice-weekly video episodes to showcase the talents of their local artists, ensembles, and guest artists. These episodes, called Project Euterpe ("you-TER-pee"), will include excerpts from past concerts, some solo and small ensemble performances, previews of things to come, and perhaps some of the master classes taught by our guest soloists.

Project Euterpe is named for the muse of music in Greek mythology. She and her eight sisters, the other muses, lived on Mt. Olympus and entertained their father Zeus and the other Olympian gods with their artistry. Symphony Conductor David Bugli said, "Euterpe was known by ancient poets as the 'Giver of delight,' and ancient Greek musicians would call on her aid in composing their lyric poetry and music. So, we are calling on her aid to help us communicate with our audience."

We have set up a YouTube Channel where you can see information on all our episodes. The channel is at

Project Euterpe episodes are listed below:

Illustration: Painting of Euterpe, Muse of Music and Lyric Poetry, by Simon Vouet.

Project Euterpe - Episode 1 - Introduction to Project Euterpe & Macy's "Duality"
Release date: 5/21/2020

Photograph of Rhett Bender with Carson City Symphony

This first episode include a brief piano solo by conductor David Bugli, after which he explains the aims of Project Euterpe. That is followed by an excerpt from Carleton Macy's "Duality for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra," featuring soloist Rhett Bender.

The video can be seen on YouTube at and via Facebook at

Project Euterpe - Episode 2 - Fanfare for the Family Farm
Release date: 5/24/2020

Photograph of percussion players in front of orchestra

In the first part of this episode, Carson City Symphony Conductor David Bugli interviews Lorraine Manatt, head of the Symphony's percussion section. They lightheartedly discuss on Zoom the process of preparing her section for a performance of Gwyneth Walker's "Fanfare for the Family Farm." The section uses some unusual instruments and takes an unusual approach to concert dress. The performance took place on April 28, 2019.

In the second part, the Symphony performs "Fanfare for the Family Farm." It is a boisterous celebration of life on a family-owned dairy farm. The composer, who used to reside on the Brainstorm Dairy Farm in Braintree, Vermont, wrote this music as an expression of the joy and humor she finds in living on a dairy farm. See Dr. Walker's website at

The video can be seen on YouTube at and via Facebook at

Project Euterpe - Episode 3 - Rimsky-Korsakov String Quartet Plays Borodin
Release date: 6/1/2020

Photograph of Rimsky-Korsakov String Quartet in recital 3/15/2019

In this episode, Carson City Symphony Conductor David Bugli presents the Rimsky-Korsakov String Quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia, playing "Nocturne" from Alexander Borodin's String Quarter No. 2. The performance took place in a house recital on March 15, 2019. Members of the quartet are Mikhail Bondarev and Ekaterina Belisova, violin; Alexi Popov, viola; and Anton Andreev, cello. The quartet visited Carson City in March 2019, played a series of concerts, and held a master class at that time. The Symphony was prepared to have the quartet return in March 2020, but with complications from the Coronavirus and other factors, that visit was canceled. We hope to have them return in the fall of 2021.

The video can be seen on YouTube at and via Facebook at

Project Euterpe - Episode 4 - Tom Miller at 2019 Pops Party
Release date: 6/1/2020

Photograph of Tom Miller with Carson City Symphony and Chamber Singers

In this episode, Carson City Symphony Conductor David Bugli interviews entertainer Tom Miller. Tom is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, flutist, saxophonist, and luthier (maker of string instruments), among other things. He was featured soloist on the Symphony's June 9, 2019, Pops Party Concert at Nevada's Capital Amphitheater. The June 14, 2020, live concert had to be canceled; in place, we present Tom performing with the Symphony in 2019 on two arrangements of his original compositions, "Mexicali" and "Somethin' About You." The Carson Chamber Singers, under the direction of guest conductor Ricky Hutton, joined us on the latter to sing and rock out to Tom's great music.

The video can be seen on YouTube at and via Facebook at

Project Euterpe - Episode 5 - Fathers Day & Papa Haydn
Release date: 6/22/2020

Photograph of Dr. Brian Fox and Conductor David Bugli

In this episode, in honor of Fathers Day 2020, we present music by the man considered the "father of the symphony" and the "father of the string quartet," Franz Joseph Haydn. He was a major and revered influence on composers who came after him, including Mozart and Beethoven. His patrons, the Esterhazy family, built a palace in a remote area of what is now Hungary and required Haydn to write many musical works to entertain them and impress their guests. He produced 104 symphonies, over 80 string quartets, numerous operas and masses, and other works.

This episode features our concertmaster, Dr. Brian Fox, performing the second and third movements of Haydn's First Violin Concerto. The preview, concerning this piece, and concert were recorded Oct. 20, 2019.

The video can be seen on YouTube at and via Facebook at

Project Euterpe - Episode 6 - Brahms' "Geistliches Lied (Sacred Song), Op. 30"
Release date: 8/16/2020

Screen shot of Carson Chamber Singers

Carson City Symphony Association announces release of Project Euterpe Episode 6 with the Carson Chamber Singers. In this Episode, Choral Conductor Ricky Hutton leads the Carson Chamber Singers in their first virtual performance. Katie Cardoza accompanies the 21-voice choir on organ. The performance can be viewed on YouTube at or via the Carson City Symphony's YouTube Channel.

Hutton said he chose Johannes Brahms' "Geistliches Lied (Sacred Song), Op. 30" for the Singers' 2020 Summer Project because "it is a song about endurance during difficult times, perseverance, resilience... something we all can relate to now!" Brahms composed the piece in 1856, at age 23, setting his music to a poem by Paul Flemming (1609-1640).

Photo: Project Euterpe Episode 6 - Carson Chamber Singers.

Project Euterpe - Episode 7 - Flute Fun al Fresco
Release date: 10/13/2020

Thumbnail for Flute Fun al Fresco

Carson City Symphony Association announces release of Project Euterpe Episode 7, Flute Fun al Fresco. It features flutists Edith Isidoro-Mills and Michelle Powers, who played five short pieces while observing social distancing on a lawn. Edith has played flute with the Carson City Symphony since 2003, is a member of the Symphony Assoc. Board, and is the Association's Secretary. Michelle conducts the Symphony's Joyful Noise Carson Children's Choir and is also a member of the Carson Chamber Singers.

The video can be seen on YouTube at and via Facebook at

In this episode Edith & Michelle present the following pieces:
"Adagio" from Sonata No. 1 by Jean Baptiste Loeillet
"Allegro" from Sonata No. 1 by Jean Baptiste Loeillet
"Anglais" by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach
Theme from Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K.331 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
"The Irish Washerwoman" Jig, traditional

Photo: Project Euterpe Episode 7 - Edith Isidoro-Mills and Michelle Powers.

Project Euterpe - Episode 8 - Gibson-Rosen Violin Duo
Release date: 10/30/2020

Thumbnail for Gibson-Rosen Violin Duo

Carson City Symphony Association announces release of Project Euterpe - Episode 8, Gibson-Rosen Violin Duo. This episode features Laura Gibson and Emma Rosen, a mother-daughter team on violins. Laura is Associate Concertmaster with the Carson City Symphony and Assistant Conductor of the Symphony Youth Strings program. Emma, who also plays clarinet, is a graduate of the Youth Strings program and is a sophomore at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. They are performing two duets by Franz Joseph Haydn, "Allegro spirituoso," based on String Quartet No. 40, Op. 99, and "Presto," based on String Quartet No. 23, Op. 99.

The video can be seen on YouTube at and via Facebook at

Photo: Project Euterpe Episode 8 - Laura Gibson & Emma Rosen, mother-daughter violin duo.

Project Euterpe - Episode 9 - Youth Strings Summer Project
Release date: TBD

(This video is in production.)

Project Euterpe - Episode 10 - The Hank Monk Schottische
Release date: 12/5/2020

Photograph of musicians and dancers for Hank Monk Schottische

This episode features the Carson City Symphony performing "The Hank Monk Schottische," a composition written by Carson City, Nevada, Composer J.P. Meder (1848-1908). The piece was written to honor Hank Monk (1826-1883), a legendary stagecoach driver. Monk was made famous in part due to a story about his giving Horace Greeley, presidential candidate and former "New York Tribune" editor, a rather bumpy ride in 1859 from Carson City to Placerville, California. Greeley, who was on a lecture tour, was insistent about not being late to present a lecture in Placerville. Monk, a colorful storyteller, entertained many people with the story of this trip and other stories about his adventures. Mark Twain, who lived briefly with his brother in Carson City, was so enamored of the Hank Monk story that he has several characters relate the same story about Monk and Greeley in chapter 20 of "Roughing It," Twain's classic 1872 book about his experience as a young man in the western US and Hawaii.

The video can be seen on YouTube at and via Facebook at

Project Euterpe - Episode 11 - Sweelinck's "Hodie Christus natus est"
Release date: 12/13/2020

Photograph of Carson Chamber Singers and brass players

Description: This episode features the Carson Chamber Singers, an affiliate of the Carson City Symphony, performing "Hodie Christus natus est," by Dutch composer, organist, and teacher Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. Richard "Ricky" Hutton conducts the singers. The piece, which celebrates the birth of Christ and the exultation of God, was arranged for chorus and brass quintet by Carson City Symphony conductor David Bugli in collaboration with Hutton.

The video can be seen on YouTube at and via Facebook at

Joyful Noise - A Holiday Treat Concert on 12/13/2020
Release date: 12/15/2020

Screen capture for the Joyful Noise concert

It's a Holiday Treat for all - a feast of seasonal and holiday entertainment in many styles! The Carson City Symphony Association presented the "Joyful Noise - A Holiday Treat" concert on Sunday, December 13, 2020, in the Bob Boldrick Theater at the Carson City Community Center. The Symphony had wanted to present an entertaining, live holiday concert, as we have for the past 36 years, but there was a pandemic going on! Since we could not fill the stage with dozens of instrumental musicians, singers, and dancers this holiday season, we were excited to collaborate and bring the holiday spirit to the community in a different format, consistent with distancing protocols.

This video featured John and Cherie Shipley with their Joyful Noise Chorus and Band performing on Dec. 13, 2020. John and Cherie have performed "Joyful Noise" concerts each December since 2002. The concert was designed to be presented as a live-streamed event without an in-person audience. The live-stream ran into technical difficulties, so this video was created from the recordings done by Keith Barnett of WSV digital Media Services.

The video can be seen on YouTube at

Project Euterpe - Episode 12 - "Far From Me"
Release date: 3/21/2021

Screen shot from 'Far From Me' video

The Carson City Symphony Assoc. announces the release of "Project Euterpe - Episode 12 - Far From Me." This episode features the Carson Chamber Singers, an affiliate of the Carson City Symphony, performing works by Claudio Monteverdi and Elaine Hagenberg, conducted by Richard "Ricky" Hutton.

Hutton writes: "I selected these pieces to be performed as a set that engages with the experience of choral musicians (and many others) during the pandemic. The text of Monteverdi's 'Longe da te, cor mio' from his fourth book of Italian madrigals speaks of loved ones separated by distance yearning to be reunited. Brian Newhouse's two texts, set by Elaine Hagenberg as companion pieces, also speak to the feelings of isolation and longing for connection. Hagenberg dedicates 'Songs from Silence' to 'the choral community in hope of healing during times of silence and distance.' Both the Monteverdi and Hagenberg are centered around the tonic pitch G (mixolydian, minor and major). We begin with the Monteverdi and then move right into the Hagenberg after a brief silence."

View the event by going to and via Facebook at

Priscilla Hawkins Cello Lecture - Sept. 21, 2021
Release date: 12/20/2021

Screen capture for Priscilla Hawkins Cello Lecture posting on YouTube

The Carson City Symphony Association held a Lecture-Demonstration-Workshop on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, at Carson High School in Carson City, Nevada. The event featured Priscilla Hawkins, who has performed as cello soloist and chamber musician; taught strings and presented cello workshops in Michigan, and California; been guest Master Teacher in the Azores Islands; and recorded two CDs.

In Part 1, Ms. Hawkins discussed "The History and Development of the Cello," including a rare, brief video of brilliant cellist Emanuel Feuermann playing "Spinning Song" by David Popper in the 1930s. In Part 2, she then led a workshop on "The Mechanics of Producing Your Best Cello Tone."

Youth and adult cellists were invited to participate. Student musicians and the public were invited to attend as observers. The event was was funded in part by a grant from Nevada Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The video can be seen on YouTube at

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