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Carson City Symphony was founded in 1984 as the Carson City Chamber Orchestra and gave its first concert in October that year. It is a community orchestra open to amateur and volunteer professional musicians. Members come from all walks of life and have ranged from elementary school students to senior citizens. The Symphony performs five or more concerts each year for audiences in Carson City. It also has performed in Minden, Gardnerville, Fallon, South Lake Tahoe, and Virginia City. We play many works by contemporary composers and have commissioned and premiered several pieces.

Carson City Symphony - Board Information

Board of Trustees, 2021-2022

Elinor Bugli - President
Grant Mills - Vice President, Stage Manager
Jon Rabben - Treasurer, Program Notes Writer
Edith Isidoro-Mills - Recording Secretary, Fallon Publicity
Kathleen Long - Volunteer Coordinator
Brian Fox - CCSD Strings Program Liaison  
Steve Pfister - Trustee
Michelle Powers - Trustee
Mikki Keirstead - Trustee

Board meetings are held once each month at various locations.
Meetings are open to members.
Contact us for date, location, and directions.

Other important people:

David Bugli - Music Director, Conductor
Richard "Ricky" Hutton - Carson Chamber Singers, Conductor
Gary Schwartz - Consort Canzona, Conductor
Michelle Powers - Joyful Noise Carson Children's Choir
Sue Jesch - Education Director, Symphony Youth Strings
Laura Gibson - Associate Concertmaster, Symphony Youth Strings Instructor
Lou Groffman - Symphony Youth Strings Cello Instructor
Kathleen Long - Volunteer Coordinator
Tiffany Alm - Victorian Dancers Choreographer & Director
Toni VanCleave - Victorian Dancers Costume Coordinator
Jane Johnson - Symphony Librarian
Charlotte Tucker - Choral Librarian
TBD - Accessibility Coordinator

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